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Succeed in your Hybrid Work strategy in the long term with our enterprise-ready SaaS platform. We cover everything from HR fulfillment to Flexoffice.

Managing hybrid work resources for success.

Our all-in-one SaaS platform use AI to help HR teams to accelerate and control hybrid work fulfillment, while Office Managers save money and effort in their Flexoffice strategies.

What we do

HR Profiling

Define the hybrid work mode that best suits each collaborator and team with the help of AI.

Job position and personal characteristics are taken into account by our technology.


Give your teams the power to schedule where to work each day to keep them in sync.

Our AI recommends weekly planning to save time and respect the hybrid work mode.

HR Monitor

Keep track of any changes that could affect the hybrid work mode for every collaborator.

AI helps you validate remote work desk conditions for health and safety compliance.


Optimize office space by managing shared desks, meeting rooms, or parkings.

AI helps you to automatically create bookings to keep teams together during office days.

Our SaaS is integrated with

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