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Personalized modes of work

for companies embracing diversity

The war between office, hybrid and remote work is over.


Offimizer is the SaaS that automates the management of your work team and your office spaces


Flexibility is the key to today's management and to succeed Offimizer allows your employees to be at ease and in the best conditions to carry out their assigned tasks.


You need a real change in the work culture and Offimizer offers you the possibility to organize your company and inyour employees to gain compromise and autonomy.


The home-office rotation has several advantages for the employees and the company. Offimizer brings you efficiency for the optimization of your workspaces

Why Offimizer?

Build the team weekly workplace plan

Give and get remote quality insights

Build shared office network, track & optimize use

Works with yours collaboration and human resources apps

Test for free

  • 60 days of proof of concept. 

  • Translate of one of your HQ’s office floor plan to Offimizer interactive map.

  • BONUS : Free QR codes for occupancy tracking.

  • Custom pricing Custom pricing to continue

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Data from people - office interactions is used by Offimizer intelligence to build KPIs

"Deciding the best way of how each person can have a remote work agreement is a lot easier with Offimizer."
Human Resurces Manager
"Make the transition of fixed office to a shared office and optimizing costs and space is just possible with Offimizer."
Office Manager
"Getting the right work-life balance that boosts people productivity and creates trust inside teams is all about Offimizer."​
Human Resources Director

Maintain your workforce and optimize costs. Let’s work together !